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Our modern society relies more and more on electronic identification of users in areas like secure e-mail, logging to computers, and electronic signatures. Aventra MyEID PKI Card, implemented using the latest JavaCard technology, is the answer to this challenge.
MyEID card conforms to common Public Key Infrastructure standards like PKCS#15. It is also available as Mifare compatible Dual Interface version, or as SIM sized for dongle readers. It can be combined with many other identification technologies for compatibility with leading access control systems. Download brochure
If you wish to try out MyEID cards, you can buy them in our web shop.


MyEID card comes with MyClient middleware, implementing both CSP and PKCS#11 interfaces and offering a lot of additional functionality. MyClient can be downloaded free here. You can also download the MyClient brochure.
A free minidriver for Windows is also available. Minidriver is a new way of interfacing smart cards to Windows. The driver is fast and lightweight. Download the latest MyEID Minidriver here.
MyEID card is also OpenSC compatible. OpenSC is an open source software project providing a set of libraries and utilities for smart cards. OpenSC enables the use of MyEID cards also in Mac and Linux environments. Their release candidate 0.12.1 fully supports MyEID cards. You can download it here.