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Aventra specialises in identity and access management, secure identification, and related systems, products, and services. We are experts in Public Key Infrastructure and RFID technologies, as well as encryption and protection of data and communication. Our major software products are developed in-house, and all our technical staff participate in both product development and customer projects, which guarantees the best possible expertise for both worlds.


Aventra has solutions for organisations to manage their identities and access control systems. Our systems enable organisations of any size to integrate their systems and automate their processes related to identity and access management, as well as to produce and manage their electronic ID cards, suited for both secure login and access control. It is also easy to just implement a part of the above mentioned functionalities, and integrate that to the existing systems.


Aventra offers a full portfolio of products ranging from ID cards to large IAM systems. Our products are widely used in organisations in both private and public sectors needing intuitive, reliable, and adaptable solutions to automate their processes related to IAM and ID token management and production.


Aventra implements turnkey customer projects that bring a cost-effective and streamlined solution. Our experts help to identify the needs, and together with the customer we select the best approach to meet the requirements. Aventra's scalable and fully configurable products give the flexibility to select the best approach to each case.

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